Park Season and Bill Payment Dates        

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Greendales Caravan Park normally issues a  a 101/2 month season licence for holiday use only although we can now offer a full 12 month licence to our patrons as required at extra cost

The normal 10 1/2 month season begins on the 1st November and Patrons may use the Park and its facilities at all times except between 2nd January and the 2nd Friday in February when the Park is fully closed apart for day visits to inspect caravans. Those patrons who have taken out 12 month licences are free to use the caravan all year round

Pitch fees for the season become payable on the 1st November.(1639.00 for the 2014/15 10 1/2 month season for prompt full payment).

The Combined Rates, Water, Rubbish Collection and Infrastructure Charge become payable on the 1st June. (496.00 2014/15 Season).

Electricity usage payments payable twice a year on the 1st November and the 1st June and based on units used (Jun 2013 to Nov2013 unit cost 15.2p/unit. Subject to change).

Please email or call for the current pitch fees and Combined Rates. Water and Infrastructure Charge

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